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Saturday, February 10, 2007

We've Moved!

Please update your links…


Dionne -

See you there!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

When it rains...

I am happy.

Check this out.

BUT, I'm missing Joven already.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Stranger Than Heroes

Last Friday, Joven and I went to see Stranger Than Fiction at G4. Since I got out of the office quite late (because of an extended meeting that left me in high spirits for the weekend), we had a quick dinner at Burger King - one of our favorite fast food restos. The movie was funny but not as funny as his other movies. But we both enjoyed it... well... if not for the annoying man behind us. Grabe sa hilig mag-comment! Di ko nga maintindihan kung di nakikita nung kasama nya yung palabas eh. He's verbalizing everything he's seeing! Gash! Haay. Anyway, I enjoyed laughing at them afterwards.

I love going out with my husband, whether it be a simple grocery errand or a big date. Kahit na may mga kakaibang sitwasyon, nakukuha pa rin namin mag-enjoy. =)

Our Saturday was uneventful. We spent our day lounging at home and finished 13 episodes of Heroes. I must say we're hooked. Aliw! Hiro looks sooo cute. Teddy bear-ish cute. Hehe!

Yesterday, Joven and I went to Bench Fix to have our hair fixed. =P

This is how Joven looks like:

Pogi no?

Ever wonder how I look like with straight hair? The stylist told me that he needed to texturize my hair (whatever that means) so he needed to blowdry my hair straight. It took him quite some time, para hindi naman masayang effort nya I took a picture of me. Hehe!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Couple, The Husband, and The Mother

The Couple

It has been more than a year (and 20+ pounds re-gained) since the train incident...

Still wow.

The Husband

Last Saturday, January 27, Dionne and I met with OJ, Bon, N93 (with Allan), Dhang and Irish. In that order. Hehe.

OJ was the early bird. According to Bon, he was already at Gateway at around 11AM, while everybody else came after 12PM. Meeting was set between 11 and 12... Nuninu.

When we got to the food court, OJ was munching on delectable french fries from NYFD. Then he left us to meet Bon downstairs. He was kind enough to offer us the half-full regular-sized bucket of fries. We were quite hungry by then that we couldn't resist eating them... Nakakahiya naman kay OJ kaya we decided to buy large fries! Good thing too, since we still had to wait for the others.

Allan and his wonderful N93 arrived next. Seeing the N93 made me want to hide my N90 in shame...

We then decided to check out the movie schedules. Babel was it.

A few minutes later, Irish and Dhang joined us. Unfortunately, Dhang won't be joining us for the movie because of more important people (drama, hehe). So it's just 6 tickets for us at the center of row K, which I will later realize is a little too far. Row G would've been "optimal". At least according to Richie's theory that the best seats are those that are as far to the screen as the screen is tall. Whatever. Hehe.

Lunch was at Bellini's. YEAH!

Dionne and Bon

OJ, Irish and Dhang

*Pics courtesy of N93 and Allan

Allan, at first, because he thought we were going to Marikina (Shoe Expo), then Gateway. He preferred the latter. OK... After a little explaining by the girls, he was in.

Before 3PM, we were on our way back to Gateway for the movie. I got 2 vanilla lattes for us from our favorite coffee shop, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

On to the movie!

The movie was interesting. I got a bit disoriented at first, regarding the sequence of the events. But eventually got it. I must admit that I was more attentive with the parts with the Japanese girl... Haha!

After the movie, we went to Dionne's new favorite clothes shop, F&H. She got a new office jacket at 50% off.

We also went to Bayo and Kamiseta and then Rustan's, to look at wish bracelets, crocs sandals, and the new Wade. *drools*

Before going home, we dropped by Fully Booked to check out the expensive books... We went home with Orson Scott Card's Shadow Puppets, a book on Spanish verbs for Dionne, and Dean Koontz's The Husband.

The Mother

January 29 was Nanay's 52nd birthday. We had lunch at Aristocrat's at SM San Lazaro to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Mommie came with us. Jonjon, unfortunately, was not able to make it from Laguna. He better make up for it next time. Hehe. Meanwhile, Jayson came just before we left. He came from work and looked exhausted. He ate the supposed takeout chicken barbeque right there and then. I'll be awaiting his libre from his sweldo. Nuninu.

Dionne, Mommie, Jeff, Nanay and Mae

Nananaba. Nuninu.

To Nanay, may you have good health and many more years to come! Happy birthday! We love you!

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Us

Thanks for an interesting revelation Fol. =) Now, it's our turn. We added a twist in this and made it 5 things a lot of people don't know about us. So, here it goes...
  1. Buzz me. Joven and I talk online even if we're both at home. It's not like we live in a huge house. Weird huh? We just like to maximize our resources. Before dinner time (or even after), we are immersed in our own computer/web life. I use the desktop in the living room, he uses his laptop in the bedroom. We end up sending messages and love notes online.
  2. How sweet it is. We do not only love to eat, we both have a penchant for the sweet stuff. We have a Lock and Lock full of chocolates. When in the grocery we will never forget to pass by the candies and chocolate area. That accounts for our beautiful bodies. Hehe.
  3. Lights out? Light on. For the two nights he was alone, Joven slept with the lights on. He has these crazy thoughts of Sadako (with much help from me of course). Scaredy cat!
  4. Round and round. I love carnival rides even if I scream my heart out. Hehe! Joven, in turn, hates them. It'll take forever to convince him to get on a ride. Peer pressure pa kailangan. Hehe! Kaya hindi kami matuloy tuloy sa EK eh. Haay.
  5. Bear Hugs. We always start our day with a hug. Every morning when we wake up, Joven waits at the foot of the bed, pulls me up and gives me a great big hug.

Now, I'm interested to know what are the unique things these couples do:
  1. Beej and Benj
  2. Mimi and Karl
  3. Aggie and Edil
  4. Glo and Jun
  5. If you're interested, consider yourself tagged!
I hope they'll find time to answer this meme. I am quite interested with their answers. =)